I Have Eaten the Answers

Forgive me
they were delicious
so sweet
and so cold

“There’s something safe about only meeting people in restaurants. We’ve become a society that spends all our private time in public spaces. I love that we’re going out and eating more widely and eating different things. But I do hate the fact that we’re not cooking for each other as much as we used to.”

You’re still pulling every punch. If you didn’t it would be great. And hilarious.

The problem is, chefs would come to your house and kill you.

It is also instructive to look at what expectant fathers are searching for. In Mexico, the top searches about “my pregnant wife” include “frases de amor para mi esposa embarazada” (words of love to my pregnant wife) and “poemas para mi esposa embarazada” (poems for my pregnant wife). In the United States, the top searches include “my wife is pregnant now what” and “my wife is pregnant what do I do.”

During the conference, the Rev. Cesar Truqui, an exorcist based in Switzerland, recounted one experience he had aboard a Swissair flight. “Two lesbians,” he said, had sat behind him on the plane. Soon afterward, he said, he felt Satan’s presence. As he silently sought to repel the evil spirit through prayer, one of the women, he said, began growling demonically and threw chocolates at his head.

Asked how he knew the woman was possessed, he said that “once you hear a Satanic growl, you never forget it. It’s like smelling Margherita pizza for the first time. It’s something you never forget.”


Farm-to-table cooking is familiar now, but rarely have I seen it done with such an eye for color and a sense of riot. At El Rey, plates are overgrown with dark leafy stems, lacy fennel loops and crushed avocado, pickled red onions and crescents of Cara Cara orange like a downed sunset. Almost any dish may be enhanced with the cloud of a poached egg, its spilled yolk gilding the bowl, or a hard-boiled egg brined with beets so that, when sliced, it evokes plumeria, the outer blush of hot pink shading to white and dark yellow at the center.

I love how she slows things down here, though it nears too flowery from plumeria on. 

Tear It Down

We find out the heart only by dismantling what 
the heart knows. By redefining the morning, 
we find a morning that comes just after darkness. 
We can break through marriage into marriage. 
By insisting on love we spoil it, get beyond 
affection and wade mouth-deep into love. 
We must unlearn the constellations to see the stars. 
But going back toward childhood will not help. 
The village is not better than Pittsburgh. 
Only Pittsburgh is more than Pittsburgh. 
Rome is better than Rome in the same way the sound 
of raccoon tongues licking the inside walls 
of the garbage tub is more than the stir 
of them in the muck of the garbage. Love is not 
enough. We die and are put into the earth forever. 
We should insist while there is still time. We must 
eat through the wildness of her sweet body already 
in our bed to reach the body within that body. 

I do love Jack Gilbert, though I wish his poetry were more lyrical instead of sounds and angles, like a driving detour through an alley.

Who is the woman with the gun?

- Overheard in the office, as John showed photos from his Pakistan trip.

boy the cold is still out there I hope it goes north soon. I came in last Saturday and the roads were crazy but I was in the mood for that so it went fine one time in the drive the snow was 5in deep on the road and the cars were very hard to see I got to practice my cat driving you all know when you drive with a big loan of hay on the truck with no ropes and see if you can get it home hope to see you all next week and maybe 30 or more warmer terry

"… . you can tell a great deal about the character of a restaurant from its menu. A sloppily presented menu is likely to indicate a sloppily run kitchen. A menu which contains nothing except run-of-the-mill dishes probably means that no one in the place is making much of an effort to set an interesting table. In the provinces, the listing of regional dishes is a good sign. The presence of specialties, especially unusual specialties, is another… .In general, a restaurant which takes pains about its food takes pains also to produce an attractive menu to go with it. Beware, however, of too much quaintness on a menu. When a restaurant starts describing its dishes in elaborate self-conscious terms or by employing a quaint medieval vocabular, you are likely to find yourself confronted with a purely verbal exercise. Coyness in the menu is being used to distract attention from the shortcomings of the food." Waverley Root, The Food of France.

“In the end, my wife’s death made me more forceful, less afraid to fail,” he said. “The worst had already happened.”